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Do We Have Rottweilers Available

We are very excited to have the opportunity to share our family with each of you. Just over 20 years ago, I purchased my first Rottweiler as a pet. Shortly after I was convinced this was the most magnificent and intelligent breed I had ever encountered. For years I blessed Rottweilers into my life as pets. For the past several years I have been putting my 20 years exp. with the breed into producing German Rottweilers with the correct size, look, and temperament. I have a son, Ty, who is 12 years of age and a daughter, Tate, who is 7 and all of our dogs have been raised with them. A good temperament is not an option for me and my family, but a necessity.

We are located in Tuttle, Oklahoma. Tuttle is a small town just southwest of Oklahoma City. I hope you are able to take the time to explore the pages of my website. My goal as a code-of-ethics breeder is not only to produce quality health guaranteed puppies, but to also educate as many of you as possible about the unique breed of Rottweiler. My personal goals in purchasing dogs has been acquiring high quality German Rottweilers with world class German bloodlines. This has taken lots of research, travel, and studying. I am involved in USRC and AKC. My greatest passion in my hobby of breeding quality German Rottweilers is to provide them with a nice, loving home, and socialization. I do not “make a living” with my dogs, nor is that my intention, but each and every day, I love them, care for them, and socialize them. 

Thanks again for visiting the Tatum Rottweiler website, and I would be honored to provide you with any information you need.